3 Reasons why Bayern will qualify for the Quarter Final

FC Bayern might have one foot in the quarter finals after their 2-0 win in the Emirates Stadium. However, last year’s return leg proved that not even a 2-goal gap is enough to relax. Nonetheless, here are three other reasons why FC Bayern will qualify for the quarter final.

1. They learned from last year’s return leg
Olivier Giroud scoring a goal against FC Bayern find more

A 3-1 win away is better than a 2-0 win due to the away goal rule. Tis is the reason why Bayern qualified for the quarter finals last year. They got stunned by an early goal from Olivier Giroud, and just barely qualified after they conceded another goal late in the game. This time round, they will surely not be complacent.

2. The team has improved
Götze and Thiago discussing something during a match

Every Bayern fan licked his lips in excitement when the signings of Götze and Thiago were announced. Now, it is no big deal when a player like Schweinsteiger or Ribery is sitting on the bench or is out due to injury. Even though Götze did not provide as much creativity as Ribery would have against Arsenal, he was not really missed, because the team as a whole performed admirably, especially in the second half. Also, if a player has a bad day in the return leg, pep will be spoilt for choice when looking at the substitution bench. Players like Müller, Shaqiri, Pizarro, and Martinez will be ready to pounce and provide a game changer like Müller did in the first leg. Continue Reading

3. Pep Guardiola: Need I say more? click to find out more
Pep Guardiola in the FC Bayern Changing Room

Jupp Heynckes is legendary and his achievements will never be forgotten, however, nobody can argue against the fact that the team has slightly improved under Pep. He has taken on Jupp Heynckes’ approach of compact defending after a bad start, where the Bayern players were caught on the counterattack quite often. With his pressure and passing tactics, he has also given the offense a boost in strength. Thus, he has taken on Jupp’s strong points, and gave the team a little more strength in almost every aspect of the game. click through the up coming article